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Aspen is an extremely popular spot for tourism, skiing, and the yearly film festival. If you’re looking for some good mountain land in this area, be prepared to pay top dollar. With the influx of celebrities driving up prices, you’re looking at paying one of the steepest rates per acre anywhere along the Rockies. Politically speaking, Aspen is known to be rather liberal, so if politics are important to you consider this before moving to the area. Land around Aspen is some of the most expensive in all of the country. Skiing is also one of the big draws to the Aspen area, and this locale boasts some of the finest facilities in all of the world. Purchasing land here, besides costing a great deal up front, will also lead to continued expenses in the form of high property taxes. Even so, being able to own land in this area puts you in an elite class and the owners here wouldn't trade it for anything, believing you do indeed get what you pay for.

Mountain Land For Sale
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